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natalie portmanWe have managed to unearth this nude video of Natalie Portman when she was a teenager. This video is behind the scene of PlayBoy magazine from 2002 when she was playing padme in Star Wars.

After she got this movie she had to maintain her good girl look so she the photos never come out. Look how hot Natalie looked naked like a pure juicy bitch ready to be taken home to fuck. Coming from Israeli Jewish family she had a very conservative upbringing. But it all changes when you enter the Heathen Hollywood.

Recently she has been very vocal about all the sexual harrassment she has to face when she entered Hollywood. Including getting fan mails of she is going to be raped by verile niggas. Well if you are going to flaunt flaunt your sex organs such in the open you are definitely going to be raped baby.

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